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How to Make CCcam.cfg file

First, create a simple text document.

Put your CCcam lines in it. Make sure your Lines have the correct format according to your box.

Note: usual format of CCcam lines is C: server port user pass

Now from the top left side of your text document click File > Save As ….

At the bottom there is a section called “Save As Type”, change it to “All Files”.

Then from the top of it in “File Name” write CCcam.cfg and save it.

Note: remember it`s vital that the first two C`s be in Caps Letters.

Thats it, your CCcam.cfg file is ready to be used.

How to Setup CCcam on Skybox f3 and f5

Put the cfg file on a USB flash and attach it on one of your USB terminals behind the back of your Skybox. Then turn it on.

Now press Menu on your remote control, go to network local setting and go to Camds Setup then click CCcam Client Setup .

Note: if you dont see Camds Setup, press 6666 to unhide it.

Now you have to click Update Files by USB so that your box starts reading the usb flash.

An option is named CCcam.cfg, go on it and press OK so that a green tick appears.

Finally you need to click the Yellow button on your remote control in order to read the CCcam.cfg file from your USB.

If everything goes properly, these messages should appear:
First you need a cfg (config) file which contains your CCcam lines.

“Find New Account” “Save Data OK” “Read All Finished”

Now exit from all settings, turn your box off/on from power button on your remote control.

There you go, you`ve setup a CCcam account on your Skybox.

How to Setup CCcam on Technomate

First start up your box. Now follow these steps:

-Press and hold the power button on your box front panel as it starts up

-A number will appear in your front display and thats what your box IP Address ends in.

Note: For example if the number is 5, then your box Ip Address is

-Now with a web browser you need to connect to that IP by typing it in the browser.

Note: Remember your PC/Laptop must be on the same IP range

-On bottom right of this page you`ll see “CCcam Edit” under the menu Edit Email Config. Press “Click”

-If it requests for password, type and proceed

-Finally a field will appear with a button beside it called “Add Line”

-Remember the line format you should enter is like this: C: server port user pass

This was the standard procedure for installing CCcam on technomate boxes.

How to Setup CCcam on Openbox X5

-First Create a CCcam.cfg file containing your Clines and copy it onto a USB stick.

-Connect the USB stick to usb port on the box.

-From the Main Menu go to System Setup>Access Control>CCcam Client Setup.

-Here click Update Files by USB

-You can now see the containing of your USB drive, Stay on CCcam.cfg and click the Red button.

-If everything goes right, system shows: Now Loading … Please Wait … CCcam.cfg Load Data OK.

-Once done go back to the previous page, stay on “CCcam.cfg Edit” and click OK. Type the password if needed.

-Here click CCcam Edit.

-Now you should be able to see your Clines listed, Click OK button on each cline to make them active.

-Now exit that page and power off the box for 10 seconds using the rear power button.

-Once your box boots ready, you are good to go.

How to Setup CCcam on Openbox V5S V8S V8SE

-First Create a CCcam.cfg file containing your Clines and copy it onto a USB stick.

-Connect the USB stick to usb port on the box.

-On the remote controller click Menu, go on Network Local Setting and click OK.

-Choose Camds Setup and press OK.

-Next page, by default you are on “CCcam Client Setup”, press OK.

-Now, if you have any previous Clines, you must remove them first and then install new ones. So let`s have it checked.

-Click “Manage Config Files” and on the next page choose “CCcam.cfg” and press OK

-If you see any old clines listed, you need to remove them, You can go to “Delete All” to do that. After that reboot the box by power button on your remote.

-Once the box booted, again go to Menu>Network Local Setting>Camds Setup>CCcam Client Setup>Manage Config Files>CCcam.cfg There should be nothing.

-So press exit once to get back to the previous page and then choose “Update Files by USB” and then choose “CCcam.cfg(CCcam plug)” and press OK.

-A sign will appear next to that. Press the Yellow button on the remote control to start Reading process.

-If all goes fine, you should see “Now reading CCcam.cfg .. Find New Account .. Save Data OK .. Read All Finished”.

-Now if you go to Manage Config Files and see the content of CCcam.cfg of your box, clines are installed and they “Need Reboot”.

-Once again power off/on your box by power button on the remote control.

Thats it, CCcam is ready to be used on your box.